Strategist and designer, working at a Toronto multidisciplinary agency Small with clients like Sud Forno and Terroni. Previous agencies include Design Tennis and Winkreative

My magic sweet spot is at the intersection of communications planning and creative. I can define a business problem, devise a strategic positioning and develop insights that guide core messaging. I can also utilize design approaches, experimentation and prototyping to deliver actual communications across various traditional and digital media.  

My approach is influenced by a wide range of disciplines, from design thinking to economics to behavioural psychology. I think that each discipline offers a unique insight into a human mind as well as the socio-political forces that govern our decision making and motivations. My task as a strategist (& designer) is to see though chaos, noise and beyond the boundaries of conventional approaches in order to develop solutions that (above all) have consumer utility and solve business problems.

I believe in creating lasting, meaningful solutions through insight, prototyping and design-driven methodologies. I still think traditional approaches to creating meaningful experiences have value, particularly initiatives that connect people to people, rather than people to technology.

If you'd like to chat over a coffee, drop me a line here.

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